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Project Management Instructors
Don't leave the quality of your next training engagement to chance. The PM Instructors can provide you with one of our instructors and guarantee a stellar learning experience! All of our instructors are PMI certified, with many holding additional professional credentials and advanced degrees. We can even tailor training programs in alignment with your needs and offer the training where you like. We have unmatched credentials and experience, and our successful curriculum is developed and delivered by real-world practitioners experienced in delivering world-class project management to large companies located across the globe.

Project Management Professional Services
Interested in adopting PMI standards into your organization? Take the next step beyond training and have a project management professional assist your team in absorbing PMI’s concepts and principles, or help audit existing processes against globally accepted standards to identify gaps. The PM Instructors can assist you with developing, mentoring, and coaching your project management team - from identifying and defining core competencies, to designing, documenting, and implementing the right project management approach.

Risk Management Professional Services
The PM Instructors can provide you with services, guidance, and training in risk management, as well as implementing a process that manages ongoing change. By working with project stakeholders, we can help your team identify stakeholder risk tolerance levels, develop a solid risk management plan, and find the right risk management methodology that works within your organization. We can provide further assistance by helping you implement a plan that will help the risk management team identify early warnings of potential project impact, and present options and recommendations that enable informed decisions. Risk management is an important project element that, when administered appropriately, can control the project outcome.

Scheduling Professional Services
Mastering the scheduling aspect of project management is an important part of managing the project’s triple constraints. The PM Instructors can help your organization select the appropriate scheduling techniques, develop a solid schedule management plan, and transform your schedulers into Master Schedulers. Early involvement in a project offers our clients the greatest opportunity to effectively control the triple constraints of cost, schedule, and scope, with schedule being one of the leading drivers of the three.

Agile Professional Services
As Agile adoption has moved into the mainstream, organizations are looking for ways to bridge the gap between their traditional approaches to project management and the rapid adaptability of Agile methodologies. To assist with filling this gap The PM Instructors offers Agile consulting and technical training to ease your transition. Our team of PMI Agile Certified Practitioners will analyze your organization’s existing project management processes and align them with your Agile ambitions. So, if you are ready to become Agile but not sure how to go about doing it, we encourage you to let The PM Instructors guide your team with our simplified transition process. With our step-by-step roadmap, we guarantee a smooth and successful transition.

Project Management Office (PMO) Consulting
Setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) requires experience and knowledge. The PM Instructors can create the artifacts that support the processes outlined within the PMO, recommend the appropriate technology for the organization, and design a strategy that can be used to support multiple portfolios and programs. During the PMO design phase, we assess your current project & portfolio management needs, build a strategy to reach the outlined goals and objectives, and help your organization design a clear PMO charter.


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